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SE Ridgeland Telecommunications Tower

Pursuant to the requirements of the March 2005 “Nationwide Programmatic Agreement for Review of Effects on Historic Properties for Certain Undertakings Approved by the Federal Communications Commission” (NPA) we are requesting comment on behalf of Airspaces, LLC regarding impact to historical or cultural sites listed on, or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) by construction of a wireless telecommunications facility in Madison County, Mississippi.

The attached letter and map describe the project and specific location.

Please send any questions or correspondence about the SE Ridgeland Telecommunications Tower to the following email address: , telephone 205.629.3868, or fax 877.847.3060.

Request for comments for SE Ridgeland Telecommunications Tower

Site location for SE Ridgeland Telecommunications Tower

Madison County HS Letter SE Ridgeland Telecom Facility
Download PDF • 475KB

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