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The Canton-Madison County
Historical Society
Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

To preserve the rich history of the area through the collection and maintenance of records and artifacts, through the encouragement of preservation and local historical research;

To present Madison County’s history to the public by means of museums, archives, creative and educational programming and publications;

To promote cultural tourism as an effective means of communicating the lessons of history to visitors and citizens of Madison County.

Vision Statement

The Canton-Madison County Historical Society sees a future full of opportunities to share its information and artifacts with the public. Strategic planning goals affirm the need for continual progress toward quality programs, collections stewardship, promotions and marketing, well-maintained facilities, fundraising and appropriate governance.

The Madison County History Museum will be known as one of the finest small museums in Mississippi, especially for its beautiful and well-maintained facilities and grounds. Its attractive and interactive exhibits, its diverse educational programs and contributions to research and publication concerning Madison County will be recognized by the local community, visitors, and scholars.


The Canton-Madison County Historical Society embraces preservation in all its forms. The Madison County History Museum engages its diverse audience, presents its collections and programs in ways that reflect honorably upon the stories and artifacts whose stewardship we accept. We place high value on nurturing the abilities of our staff and volunteers while fostering a strong community through strategic partnerships.

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